Day Off

I didn’t go into work today. Steve said to take the day off. Nobody is home today so I could write in peace. Guilt filled, I accepted his offer.   Everybody had left for the day. Delaney had to open, so she left early even though she had closed the night before. Clayton was out the door and gone without even a “see ya.” Steve and Dave had just left and I was alone. Peace and quiet; by myself, with only ducks and cats.

So, what does a woman do when she has been set with the task of getting some writing done in solitude? Yup, I fed the ducks. Talked to them for a bit. They didn’t seem to enjoy turnip greens as much as the spring mix. Well, with the ducks fed I guess I better start… figuring what to cook for dinner.

Nothing in the freezer thrilled me. That only meant one thing. I had to go to the store. One problem; I had no car. Delaney had taken it to work. Hmmm, only one thing to do. I needed to write, but how could I with the dinner dilemma in my head? I had to walk. Now the store is only a bit over a mile away, so not a huge deal walking there. The problem is walking back with bags of groceries. I needed a backpack. The kids must have a spare one somewhere. I went upstairs and found a nice reusable bag with long straps. That would do it.

Heading out the door I realized how cold it was. ‘I needed a jacket. Ugh, I hate fall.’ I brought my phone with me, but I turned it off. I like walking with no connections, it rarely happens. I’m walking up to the corner and the school buses are stopped with red lights going, but I see no kids. Wait, I do see some. They are walking, or more like strolling towards the bus. ‘What the hell!? If I was a bus driver I’d leave them to walk. Since when can a kid hold up people getting to work?’ Anyway; as I’m walking I’m thinking what to have for dinner. I know I’m back on a low-carb diet again. It makes this fat girl feel so much better when I don’t eat sugar, breads or pastas. I mean I love that stuff, but it doesn’t love me back.

So, it’s chilly, but the sun is invitingly warm. Nice. The walk to Shop Rite goes by too fast. (Am I really saying that?) I have decided on hamburger. Yup, either meatballs or meatloaf but definitely hamburger. Oh, I needed kitty treats too. I’m almost out and it’s the only way to coax my felines out of my room so I’m not pestered by them too much at night. So, I head to the pet aisle and pick up some kitty party mix and proceed to the back of the store to get my hambur…there’s no meat. What the…dammit! The meat cases are empty and all the meat cutters are wiping down the cases. ‘Really?’ I walk over to one of them and ask if there is anything in some other case. She told me no, that the meat case broke down last night and they had to clean up and that they would have meat available in a couple hours. She must have seen the disappointment in my face. She asked what I needed. I told her hamburger 80/20, that’s all. She went into the back and I followed. She  asked me how much I needed. I told her the family pack. She said give her a couple minutes, they were grinding new and had to wrap and price. Now the thought went through my mind that I could be getting the meat that had been un-refrigerated for the night, but I decided I was being paranoid and just get the meat. (Now, if people get sick tonight I’m deleting this story) So, I got my hamburger and I had the cat treats. I headed up to self checkout, scanned, paid and loaded everything in my bag and started my trek home.

It was a bit warmer. In the parking lot were a lot of old people and Mommy’s with their little ones. Guess they had just put their older kids on the bus. I’m also thinking I’m between those two age groups. Well, I keep walking and it’s really kinda nice. Guess what I did as soon as I got home? Finally… Haha

Have a good day everybody. I have a meatloaf to make …. or meatballs. I don’t know which.

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