We Need God

Where is the America I knew ?  When did murder and mayhem become commonplace? I know it’s not the guns or the trucks or the pressure cookers. It’s the people. What has happened to us? When did it become the thing to do, to mow down people for the sake of mowing down people ? Most people are good and would never entertain the thought of killing each other en masse. Our Constitution has an Amendment that guarantees the right to kill our babies. Maybe that’s why. I mean , when it became okay to kill the smallest and weakest of us, maybe that changed us. Maybe it’s when we started having our kids raised by minimum wage workers from 6 months on or even 6 weeks. I know it seems to some we  didn’t have a choice, I get that but maybe we need to figure out how to again raise our own kids. Maybe that’s a start. Also before school and after school baby sitting. A lot of kids have to leave home at 6am and don’t return until 7pm. All that time without their parents. I think it has had an impact on our society. When government run schools, molds our kids and not us. I watch the Head Start program kids walking like ducks in a row tethered to each other. 15- 20 kids being corralled down a sidewalk with not an adult to hold their hand and guide them Just other 2 and 3 years olds and an adult in front and an adult in the rear. It breaks my heart.

Maybe we need God. I watch this show called Preacher on AMC. I enjoy it. The premise is God is missing and this Preacher is out to find him. It’s from a graphic comic and I like it. Maybe that is our problem . God is missing from our lives. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about God. Our God that in the past has gotten us through hard times. Supported us through good times and bad. Loved us when nobody else did. Someone that had our back.

In the 60’s they made sure God would become unpopular. I do believe we have been manipulated to give up our power, our strength , our spirituality. It has been replaced by anti depressants, psychiatrists and our self centered thoughts. We need to return to being good people that put others before ourselves and respect this short life we have the pleasure of living.

My opinions may strike a nerve or they are not very popular. I don’t care if you like what I say, I just know we have to change how we are doing things. I know this because I have not always led an exemplary life. It’s not working being self centered and only caring for ourselves. Maybe we should leave all those wars and return home and take care of our own. Give our own people support and rebuild our character and sanctity of life. Maybe we need God more than we know. No, we need God more than we realize. We need to know there is someone out their that has our back, but expects us to be decent respectable people that we can be proud of.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. I do know if we don’t do something to become a more moral people we are doomed. We may have to become more discerning and judgmental without stigma. We need to recreate an absolute stellar standard for human behavior that embodies respect and honor for human life. We need good decent men and women not to accept any less. I guess we should start with our babies and raise them with exemplary standards and hope it has an impact. Raise ourselves with a loving God that we have to meet God’s standard of goodness.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. God Bless us and all that have to live in this crazy ass world..




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