Missy Ripped My Heel Off (The Day I Learned Mommy Loved Me)

Living on the farm without a lot of money had us kids creating a lot of entertainment from whatever we had available. One of our inventions was a home made see saw. We had a big wooden box about three feet high by two feet wide. We nailed a ten foot long 2×6 to it and wa-lah! See saw was born.

Missy and I were outside playing on our new toy. I got the side that had some galvanized chicken wire wrapped around the end. We were seeing and sawing when Missy got the bright idea for us to turn around backwards on it. Being a compliant sister, I obliged and turned around. (You’ll see how this was her fault. For cripes sake I was seven.) You know what she did??? She jumped off when I was in the air. You know what happened next? I came flying down with that galvanized wire end jamming onto the back of my foot slamming it into the ground. I was livid! I was going to kill her. I was in pain, but not so much that I couldn’t get her. I started to run after her when my Mother came out on the porch and was screaming “REBECCA!!”

Since I was on a mission to kill Missy, I disrespectfully screamed back at my Mother, “WHAT ???”

She yelled back, “Look at your foot!”

I looked down at my generic white girl’s sneakers with no laces and saw the white fading as blood was filling the cotton fibers.

I don’t remember the details of getting to the hospital. My Father’s duty was to accompany all of us kids to our ER visits. My Mother did not have the intestinal fortitude for that. So, with my Father by my side I was laying on my belly on the ER gurney. They asked me if I ever used a staple gun. No, I hadn’t, but I had used a stapler. Well… they put 9 staples in my heel and kept telling me I was lucky I had not severed my tendon. My heel had been ripped off.

They must have given me something to sedate me because I don’t remember anything more until I was waking up in my bed in the dark. My foot ached and who was sitting there? My Mom. I couldn’t believe she was sitting there watching me in the dark and she was so nice to me. I said, “It hurts.” And you know what she said? She said, “I know; it will. Now take this.”

I took the small pill. Looking at my Mom watching me with worry, I knew at that moment that she loved me; truly loved me, staying up watching me in the darkness and I loved her.

I still have an awful scar on my left heel and I never did get even with Missy for ripping my heel off, but what I did get was knowing my Mom really does love me.




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